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Freezer paper for food packaging is a traditional kind of paper that is customarily used to wrap food for preservation, especially in the freezer. However, the application of this material is not just limited to the food-preserving industry but in the crafting world; especially for heat transfers. Custom freezer paper vs. Heat Transfers can be used on just about any kind of plain paper, from simple copy paper to paper designed specifically to be used for heat transfers.

This article outlines whether custom freezer paper can be pitched properly in heat transfer and goes on to detail the related concepts like cheese wrapping paper, kraft paper rolls and so on.

How Does This Paper Work?

The type of freezer wrap paper used is often similar to that of regular paper except that it is substantially thicker and on one side is coated with a thin layer of plastic. This coating allows the same to be moisture-resistant and protects against freezer burn to foods. The paper side can bear writing and the paper is used to label and categorize items. It has also been useful due to its character and favours it over the other as a favourite for heat transfer craft projects.

Basic Principles

Heat Dye sublimation is a process where designs are transferred onto a material through heat and pressure applications. This process entails printing a pattern on the transfer paper that is later heated using a heat press or iron and applied to the fabric. The passing of heat makes the ink move from the paper to the fabric providing a durable color either pale or bright.

Applying Heat Transfers

It is possible to use custom freezer paper for heat transfers but only with a certain technique. One side has to face the fabric with the design lined up with the paper on another side of the cover. If the heat is applied, coating aids the paper stick to the fabric such that the ink is transferred. This method is best used when making simple styles and when the fabrics being used are light.


Custom freezer paper offers several benefits for crafting:


 It can be applied to any other project except heat though it can be used as stencils, patterns and so on.


It is one of the most popular beverages around in all grocery stores at such low prices.


It can be moulded to any shape and hence would be suitable for small-scale or large-scale projects.

Freezer Paper vs. Cheese Wrapping Paper

The cheese wrap colour that has been specifically used for cheese storage will be different from the custom freezer paper used for the freezing of food. This is unlike the cheese wrapping paper where the paper is designed to support the cheese to breathe and remain fresh but cannot support a heat transfer through the use of plastic. Further, Kraft paper rolls and black kraft are useless in heat transference due to their absence of any form of plastic coating.

The Comparison

Finally, wax paper for cheese storage in the form of options such as cheese paper bags and cheese paper wholesale is also an option. Wax paper is made by coating one side of the paper with a layer of wax and it is considered moisture-proof, but not heat-proof. As a result, it is not appropriate for heat transfer. Waxed paper for storing cheese is the one that is not so suitable for preparing heat transfers because it is unlikely to preserve cheese freshness.

Specialty Papers

Custom-printed freezer paper is a product that is tailor-made to act as cheese’s brand and packaging material. It lacks the plastic security coating on other cheese papers which when used in the heat transfers is quite effective. The glass has astounding abilities in food presentation and preservation while lacking the ability to withstand heat in certain processing operations.

The Frozen Sheets 

Freezer paper sheets help save a significant amount of money in the packaging process since wholesale cheese paper sheets are available. They however are not preferable for heat transfers because they have no or few heat transfer qualities and they lack certain types of coatings. These freezer sheets wholesale are very good for large packaging where cheese is stacked together but not good for other uses.


Freezer plants are used in transferring heat effectively because of their special plastic coating. The use of cheese wrapping paper, kraft paper rolls and wax paper for cheese storage are both excellent for food preservation but ineffective for crafts that require the use of custom freezer paper. To everyone interested in trying out heat transfers, custom freezer papers still rank the fairest among the given options.

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