Custom Sleeve Boxes

The sleeves are boxes which have become the choice of packaging of many companies as they perform the diverse needs of firms in different business lines. Be it a small firm struggling to establish its identity or a big corporation wishing to upgrade its product presentations, custom sleeve boxes provide a pack full of benefits that can help you to extend the level of your packaging completely.


Wholesale kraft sleeve boxes, also known as slider boxes or slipcase boxes, are a type of packaging that consists of two parts: an outer jacket with an inner compartment or tray. The outer cover tosses over the inner case, so the second layer for protection and packaging beauty is added. These products are frequently used to wrap retail items, gift boxes, product campaigns, and marketing promotions, among other applications.


These boxes are characterized by one of their crucial elements: the possibility of their personalization. The businesses can configure these boxes to suit their particular needs such that it is possible to integrate the characteristic design, branding elements, and finally the finishing options to come up with a packaging solution that is unique on the shelf. It is only with the custom printing, embossing and foil stamping that the sleeves of the boxes are brought to life. Adding the spot UV coating makes these boxes outstanding.

Wholesale criteria:

For the businesses that would require large quantities to purchase their sleeve boxes, wholesale offers would be an economical way of getting them. Purchasing in bulk enables you to get with bulk and decrease your per-unit prices so that you can amplify your budget and make better profits. Numerous mailer boxes wholesale suppliers are present in the market, offering their production services in various types, sizes, and materials, thus, making it a great choice of packaging solution that suits your needs.

Krafting ideas 

These days we are witnessing the rise of eco-friendly packaging contestants, and kraft sleeve boxes are key in the frontline among sustainable packaging substitutes. These boxes truly are multipurpose with their kraft paperboard made from recycled materials, no doubt making them just as durable and versatile. Whether your products are foodstuffs, cosmetics, or retail items, the use of a kraft packaging sleeve gives you natural and rustic outer packaging that is quite presentable for eco-conscious consumers.

Custom Printed

The fact that direct printing of custom designs and artwork is possible on these boxes enables enterprises to explore all their artistic opportunities. Whether you are choosing to use product images, brand logos, or flashy graphics, the sleeve box custom print will be the first thing that catches your customers’ eyes. Among a few other things, prints have loudly welcomed the great innovations in printing technologies, which in turn has made it possible to achieve bright colours, sharp details, and premium finishes that boost the whole look and feel of your packaging.

Sleeve Packaging

Apart from the visual appearance, the sleeve packages also issue a significant duty to be your products’ protectors during storage and transportation. This physically strong sleep packaging offers a second protection intended to keep products from harm as a result of damages, moisture or tampering that will guarantee that they are always delivered in immaculate condition. Moreover, the sliding features of sleeve boxes make them effortless to assemble, pack, and unpack, hence, lowering the time and labor needs in the packaging process.

Cardboard Packaging

Although wood is a material of choice for many sleeves, cardboard which is stronger, versatile, and sustainable is the most used. The lightweight yet durable cardboard box sleeve is excellent for protection of a wide range of products that are sensitive to light, cosmetics, food and beverages, as well as electronics. By providing variants of printing and finishing ways, cardboard sleeve packaging will be a good tool for a company to create perfect packaging that reveals its brand image behind the environmental impact.

Customed sleeve packaging

Every product differs from the other therefore, single-sleeved packaging provides businesses an opportunity to customize their packaging for their target audience that matches their needs and preferences. Whether your product launch is the introduction of a new product line, a seasonal campaign, or a rebranding of the existing products a custom sleeve box is such a package that it fits into the needs of every business of every size and can adapt to the varying needs The abilities to select the size, shape, design, or the material among many others with custom sleeve packaging make the possibilities for customization limitless.

Custom Printed 

By incorporating the style of custom printed sleeve packaging, brands & products will notch the level of branding and presentation. This packaging becomes an excellent tool for marketing when the artwork, branding, and language with corporate allure are customized to the brand profile. It makes no difference if you select full-colour, printing, or a branding accent on the packaging since it is custom printed, it will allow you to exhibit your merchandise in a way that hits the target of your target audience and sets you apart from your competitors in the blink of an eye.


To sum up, these boxes can be easily tailored, more and less expensive and fit businesses of all sizes and industries. Such as commercial printing and recyclable materials to wholesale pricing and sturdy structures, these boxes have all the attributes to take your product packaging and brand identity to the next level. Be it the packaging of retail, promo items, or gift sets, sleeve boxes lend an attractive, professional look to your product that leaves your customers with a memorable feeling. So why wait? Leap forward in packaging with your custom sleeve boxes.

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