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In today’s world, where everything has become digitized, the same holds true in the real estate sector. The State Government of Maharashtra has brought forth the Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) to make the property registration process easier and more efficient. In this article, we will guide you through all you need to know about IGRS Maharashtra.

What is IGRS Maharashtra?

The Integrated Grievance Redressal System is a software designed by the Maharashtra government that enables citizens to access various services without physically visiting the concerned government department. This system assists with property registration, property mutation, and property search. IGRS is also used for filing grievances related to land records, property disputes or registration, and stamp duty.

How does IGRS Maharashtra work?

IGRS Maharashtra functions as an online platform. Citizens can access the services by registering on the IGRS portal. Once your registration is complete, you can use the portal to schedule appointments and to keep track of your property-related files.

One of the key features of IGRS Maharashtra is the option to apply for e-stamps. This electronic stamp acts as proof of payment of stamp duty, and this feature makes the process expedited, easy, and transparent.

Hence, if you are looking to purchase a residential property in Maharashtra, you will need to apply for an e-stamp via the IGRS portal. The online portal would generate a unique e-stamp ID along with your application.

The State Government has also integrated the platform with a housing loan eligibility calculator and provided a detailed guide on the housing loan process. With this feature, citizens can quickly check their eligibility for a housing loan and track the progress of their application.

Documents required for IGRS Maharashtra

The State Government of Maharashtra has mandated specific documents for the Property Registration process that would be essential before applying on IGRS Maharashtra. Lets understand the documents that are required before initiating the Property Registration process:

– PAN Card or Form 60

– Aadhaar Card

– ID and Address Proof

– Payment Receipts

– Floor Plan of the Property

– 7/12 Document

– Tax Receipts

– Registered Sale Agreement

– Property Card

To sum it up

IGRS Maharashtra has transformed the property registration process in Maharashtra, making it simpler and more convenient for citizens. The platform enables citizens to access various services online, eliminating the need for them to visit the concerned department physically. The Maharashtra State Government has also integrated housing loan eligibility calculators and a detailed guide on the home loan process.

One important aspect of the IGRS portal is that it is mandatory to use the digital system to apply for an e-stamp. This electronic stamp acts as proof of payment of stamp duty, and this feature makes the process expedited, easy, and transparent.

Furthermore, one can check the status of their application online. This method implies that citizens no longer have to hold multiple appointments or run from one department to another, minimizing paperwork and reducing the chances of any errors or malpractices.

Finally, to process the Property Registration, certain documents must be submitted before applying, including PAN Card, ID, and Address Proof, Payment Receipts, Floor Plan of the Property, 7/12 Document, Tax Receipts, Registered Sale Agreement, Property Card, and Aadhaar Card or Form 60.


In conclusion, IGRS Maharashtra has made the property registration process transparent and accessible, making life easier for citizens. By embracing this online platform, citizens can now enjoy a stress-free property registration process.

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